SHE is a three year project funded by the Big Lottery through their Violence Against Women and Girls fund.  The project is a collaboration of knowledge and expertise between eve and The University of Northampton Institute for Health and Wellbeing.


SHE is a strengths-based, needs led recovery and support programme that enables survivors of domestic abuse and their children to build resilience, and develop the self esteem and confidence that leads to independence and lasting change.  Project staff work with survivors, listening to their stories and helping them to articulate their own and their children’s needs.  SHE is a holistic programme working with families to enable them to become safe, healthy and empowered.


SHE offers support to the whole family.  Whether the family wants to stay together or have decided that this is not a viable option for them, parents will be supported to be able to communicate safely regarding their children’s welfare and to have contact where it is safe to do so.

SHE will provide an Integrated Support Service (ISS) for women, babies, children and teenagers, which will enable them to develop resilience.

SHE will also provide Fresh Start, a 26 week programme designed to change the attitudes, beliefs and values of male partners or ex partners who use violence and abusive behaviours.  This programme will be accredited by RESPECT, the UK organisation for work with domestic violence perpetrators.  The aim of Fresh Start is to support and promote safe and healthy relationships.


The ISS is based on eve’s Restored Programme.  It offers specialist support, working in a women centred environment in a team around the family approach to support the service user and her children. It uses a range of tools and techniques to ensure that key workers are able to identify the family’s needs and to create Individual Development Plans that meet those needs effectively and safely, placing the family at the centre of their support.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA for families accessing SHE are:

  • Families must have prior experience of domestic abuse
  • Male partners/ex-partners must be willing to commit to Fresh Start, a programme that helps him to change his beliefs, attitudes and values towards domestic abuse and violence.
  • Male participants of Fresh Start must supply details of all partners and ex-partners so that support can be offered to them.
  • Families must have children who are in need of support
  • Families must be living in Northamptonshire.

SHE aims to reduce levels of violence in families participating in the project by:

  • Providing clear referral pathways for partners and beneficiaries of the integrated support service, SHE Restored, and will offer support for women to engage in this service.  It will deliver specific, highly individualized interventions and group work programmes that are person-centred and needs let.  Trained staff will support women, infants, girls/children, young people and families throughout their engagement with the programme and will enable them to track their journey and achieve against positive outcomes, empowering them to make safer choices for themselves and their children.
  • Working to bring about changes in the attitudes, behaviours and values of male participants in Fresh Start.  Women’s engagement in the service will help hold Fresh Start participants to account and will assess changes in their behavior.
  • Providing information, advice and learning for other providers of domestic violence services in the county, helping to build up evidence about what works to lift families out of domestic abuse.

The SHE Project will reduce the impact that domestic abuse has on the whole family as well as providing wider long-term impacts. 

For more information about SHE contact the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) on 01604 230577 or complete the Eligibility Enquiry Form. Secure emails can be sent through Egress Switch.