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Transforming Lives
Affected By
Domestic Abuse

We work to give FREEDOM back to Women and Children
who have suffered any form of domestic abuse or violence.

3 Things We Do To Help


We have been running a Family Refuge in Northamptonshire for over 35 years. Find out more about our Women‘s Refuge.


Our Restored Programme helps women who are victims of domestic abuse to rebuild their lives and prepares them for a future…


We offer therapeutic group work sessions for women, children and families that help them to identify domestic abuse and to develop the resilience and confidence to change their lives.  We also train professionals in a range of topics to help them help victims become survivors.  Find out about our Training.

Find out more about what we do

One case of domestic abuse is reported every minute in the United Kingdom.

Help us protect and restore more women and families affected by domestic abuse.

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Latest News from Eve:

We exist to give survivors and their families hope and the transformative skills to maintain their freedom and security.

About Us

Eve exists to help women and families caught up in domestic violence and abuse. Domestic abuse is still an issue in 21st Century Britain, and we are here to help. From raising awareness of domestic abuse and how to spot it, to running a women’s and family refuge in Northamptonshire or training professionals to spot the signs, we are a multifaceted organisation determined to make a difference in the lives of thousands of women and children.

Eve is the working name of Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge; Charity number 298154 and Company Limited by Guarantee number 2226878

Our Services

Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge

Women’s Refuge

Eve (formerly Nene Valley Christian Family Refuge) have been running Women’s Refuge in Northamptonshire for almost 35 years.

The Restored Programme

Restored Programme

Teaching victim’s of domestic abuse about their own value, while preparing them for new lives free from abuse.

Client Training


Training our partners and other organisations to effectively tackle domestic abuse and help those in need of help.

Work with Perpetrators

Work with Perpetrators

We will  be working with perpetrators from January 2017, aiming to help them to identify unhealthy and harmful patterns in their life, aiming at rehabilitation.

Need Help?

Are you at risk of harm?

In an emergency call the Police on 999

Non-emergency Contact

For information, help and advice call us on 01604 230311

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